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Tours of Tuscany
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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Leonardo da Vinci Machines Exhibition

Leonardo Exhibitions are located in the following venues:-

Westpac Bank:- 260 Queen, The City (2 installations of Leonardo's Machines)

Westpac Bank:- Corner of Queen Street and George Street (2 installations of Leonardo's Machines)

Lobby lounge at Ryans on the Park at the Casino (1 installation of Leonardo's Machines)
Ryan's On The Park - Hotel Conrad. Top of the Queen Street Mall,Brisbane QLD 4000
Whether you’re in the mood for a High Tea or a Highball, Ryan’s On The Park Bar in Hotel Conrad is the perfect destination.

Sarina Russo Building:- 100 Eagle Street Brisbane (2 installations of Leonardo's Machines)

About the Exhibition

Leonardo da Vinci dedicated himself with passion to scientific studies. His manuscripts, known as Codices, exhibit ingenuous solutions to practical problems of his time and he was able to imagine future possibilities such as flying machines and automation.

Historical documents reveal that Leonardo commissioned local artisans to create some of his inventions. Unfortunately none of these original machines have survived and many of his inventions were forgotten. However, the last fifty years has seen a revival of interest in Vincian technology, spearheaded by the Niccolai family who have been interpreting the designs and constructing fine models since the beginning of Vincian studies.

This exhibition presents over sixty models grouped in themes: War machines, Flying machines, Nautical & Hydraulic machines as well as devices illustrating the Principles of Mechanics. The interactive machines are a popular aspect of each exhibition as visitors can touch and handle these models to gain a first-hand appreciation of how they work. Explanatory notes and illustrative panels with Leonardo's drawings accompany each model. The copies of the Codices and computer programs on CD-Rom enhance the scientific, cultural and educational experience of the inhabitation.