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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Peroni Leggera: The latest expression of Italian style

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Peroni Leggera: The latest expression of Italian style

Sydney, Australia 9 February 2009: Peroni Nastro Azzurro, a beer synonymous with Italian style, is launching a new international premium lager that will introduce a new segment to the beer category. Peroni Leggera is a quality beer that is lower in carbohydrates and calories, launching globally in Australia on 25 February 2009.

Peroni Leggera delivers a clean, smooth taste that embodies the sophisticated, Italian way of
life whilst still retaining that unmistakable refreshing, crisp Peroni Nastro Azzurro taste.
Australia will be the first market in the world to launch the new lager that will be targeted at
20-34 year old premium beer drinkers.

To celebrate the world first launch of Peroni Leggera, Roberto Cavalli, Birra Peroni’s chief
brew master, will be in Sydney during the week of the product launch. Cavalli, who has been
with Peroni since 1982, developed Peroni Leggera to create a new and exciting lager that
represents the quintessential Italian heritage.

“Peroni Leggera is like a flamboyant, Italian socialite, stylish in design and impressive in taste.
Our commitment to the traditional brewing process and the most modern technologies
ensures our consumers are delivered a first-class, premium beer, it is a lager that we at
Peroni are immensely passionate about and proud of.” Says Cavalli.

Born of the 1963 Nastro Azzurro beer, Peroni Leggera is an expertly brewed lager using the
same unique, quality Italian ingredients. Peroni Leggera, light in colour and body and has a
clean, refreshing taste, with an added bitter note to provide a balanced flavour, while its
effervescent sparkle acts as a great thirst quencher.

Peroni Leggera, an easy-to-drink, non-filling, sociable beer, will be available nationally from 2
March 2009. The premium beer is bottled in green glass, with a stylish silver clear label,
highlighted by the classic Peroni branding and is available in 24 pack cases, six packs and
throughout licensed premises nationally.