Tours of Tuscany

Tours of Tuscany
Join this small group tour and immerse yourself in the current of sensation for a week of food, wine and culture in Tuscany.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Paolo Diotti

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Pianist, Composer, Arranger and Producer.

He began studying piano at the age of 5. He received his Degree from the Polyechnic of Milan in Architecture and Instruments and Communications by way of Multimedia. He recieved a Masters degree from Regione Lombardia, UE in 2003.

His credits include arranging & composing for the theatre including: “In alto mare” di Slawomir Mrozek (1994), “Cibo” di Carla Vistarini (1995), “Guglielmo e la moneta d’oro” di Mino Milani (1996), “Orcaloca… le streghe” (2001), “Certe donne fragili” (2006) ; messi in scena dalla
“Compagnia della ruota”.

He won two scholoarships “CET” scuola di musica istituita da Mogol: Some highlights of Paolo’s other collaboration include: Allan Goldberg (1996-98) Musical “Uno di Noi” in collaborazione con
Marco Brusati (direttore CET) “Hope music”. the cd was presented on September 27th in the presece of Popo John Paul 11 in worldvision for Rai 1 Cd “Voci dalla Terra” per conto della Cee e Alisei.

He also plays live with numerous artist both national and internationally.