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Tours of Tuscany
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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Robert Nobilia

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Born in Sydney, Australia, Robert grew up listening to the radio and his parents’ record collection every day, developing a love affair with the art of “the song”.

Although he did not start playing an instrument until the age of 19, he was managing a school band in year 12.

His first gig was at Sydney’s ‘Bull and Bush Hotel’ in a band called ‘Bad Penny’.

He immediately began to write his own songs and soon after formed an originals band called ‘Blue Heaven’, performing mainly in Sydney, and winning 9 out of 10 band competitions in local Sydney pubs.

He then moved on to playing in other bands including ‘Night Zoo’ (a 5 piece Hard rock band) and ‘Double Up’ (a Top 40 duo).

Robert also performed as a singer and sax player in Sydney’s cabaret scene, in a show called “Summer Nights - The ‘Grease’ Show”.

He then moved to the Whitsunday’s and performed as a solo artist and with a funky house dance trio called ‘Dirty Kartel’.

Robert mainly plays the tenor saxophone, sings and plays keyboard and is currently performing at venues around Brisbane. He also loves playing guitar, bass and percussion, but his favourite craft is that of creating and recording a new song.

In the years since first playing music, Robert has written and recorded many albums, including the work of ‘Stark’ which is the collaboration between himself and musician/producer Lindsay Askew who plays guitar and bass on the many ‘ClubDred Studios’ recordings that span over 8 years.

Rather than having been influenced by certain bands or a particular genre, Robert drew inspiration from various modern popular songs that capture the essence of character and emotional tone and that reflect the voice and mood of the times. His music is a quest to re-create this expression through his own words, melodies and rhythms.