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Thursday, May 21, 2009


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ROME - One hundred kilos of beauty, of sympathy, of great energy and will to live, one hundred pounds with a beautiful breast showed generously, with a mass of glossy hair, a smile explosive and, above all, a great voice.

Lisa Hunt, who now seems a little 'narrow definition as the vocalist of Sugar, opens the door to his room d' hotel, takes off his shoes and, literally sinking into a sofa: I do not see 's time for this moment to arrive.

E 'tired, you just arrived from' Australia, even if you are New York, where he lives with what is one month from her husband and did not stop for a moment: interviews, press conferences, radio, TV, everyone wants to know of his first solo album, called "A little piece of magic" (ed. Polydor), a piece of magic, and from January 12 is in stores in Italy.

E c 'is to say that ever album' s debut was more expected: the story of Lisa Hunt know it all, and there are many, that at least once, saw a concert of Zucchero. Him, presenting the black Ragazzoni to his left, he told of a miraculous meeting in Covent Garden, the district of London famous for the market and the many street artists that perform there.

It 's true, there' s fantasy Lisa Hunt said that night I sang there, he had lost the 'plane to return to Italy. E 'stato a look at a' now, with his mouth wide open, and took over my concert with a handycam. Then came to me and says hey, you're very good, I am an Italian musician, you should sing in my band?. He took my phone number. I was sure that happened often done, but this time it felt that something would happen. After a month I was in Italy and in the video "With your hands" c 'I was singing in the evening in Covent Garden.

How would you describe this meeting? A miracle? A natural fact, I never believed it was a miracle. I think if anything that anyone's life can change in an instant. C 'is to say that the possibility of making a disc I had made to London, but was not the time and not' I did. Why in Italy? Because I found people who felt the music like me. For the truth in concert Zucchero Lisa Hunt had limited space to express his abilities, but when his voice came to the fore (and happened every time the mouth opened) were applause and emotion. To her we must, for example, one of the more intense versions of "Imagine."

In the new disc, however, the song Lennon there 'is. L 'is the single cover "Lady Marmalade," horse battle of Patti Labelle. I did not want it. Are casadiscografici (say precisely how, in his funny Italian) who wanted to sing something already familiar. In return there are two songs from Zucchero are also made up her own, one with her husband who is an Australian rock guitarist, and one, "In my secret heart" by David Sancious, keyboardist for Peter Gabriel, in which sound, in addition to him, two shift of luxury: the drummer Manu Katch and bassist Pino Palladino.

"A little piece of magic" is produced by Robin Smyth, former producer of "L 'appearance' of Lucio Battisti. Lisa this evening is on tour in Europe with Zucchero and Eric Clapton; what will happen of its association with Fornaciari? I do not know. After this tour I will think. I want my very hard, I like to do concerts this summer alone. And if you have less success than you expected? No matter, a career is not built on a single disc, especially if it is the first.

Have you ever had the desire to sing with some other Italian musician? No, I do not desire their own, I can say that I have preferences, I like Gianna Nannini, and Pino Daniele, but flavors are not desired.

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